Professional carpet cleaning has been traditionally regarded as a cosmetic service to remove stains and improve the appearance of your home. Now, with improved knowledge and much more general concern, cleaning for the benefit of health has been recognised as being of vital importance.


Once your carpets are cleaned we recommend a carpet protector. Carpet Hygiene offer Scotchgard which provides a protective treatment by surrounding each individual carpet fibre with an invisible shield. Scotchgard is sprayed onto the carpet and this helps to improves the fibres' resistance to water and oil-based stains as well as preventing soil being grounded into or absorbed by the fibres from everyday use. 

Benefits of Scotchgard:

An example of how Scotchgard can help is when you have a spillage.

If you spill red wine and the carpet does not have any protection you will see the liquid being absorbed into the fibres of the carpet and in many cases leave a permanent stain.

If you spill the red wine onto carpet that has been Scotchgarded the liquid (Red wine) remains on top of the surface and does not absorb into the carpet. The Scotchgard gives you the necessary time to clean up the spill without leaving a permanent stain.

Please be aware though that having Scotchgard treatment applied to your carpets does not mean that you can ignore the spills until your next carpet clean.

Please ask about our prices to have Scotchgard applied in your home. It’s best to have Scotchgard applied to newly cleaned carpets.