Professional carpet cleaning has been traditionally regarded as a cosmetic service to remove stains and improve the appearance of your home. Now, with improved knowledge and much more general concern, cleaning for the benefit of health has been recognised as being of vital importance.


1. What are the Benefits of having my carpets cleaned?

Having your carpets cleaned periodically has many benefits which include:

2. After cleaning, how long will my carpets take to dry?

Quicker than you may think.  Many people worry that their carpets will be wet for days on end. Your carpets will generally be dry between 2-6 hours after cleaning and are perfectly safe to walk on immediately.

Drying times for carpets can vary due to the following conditions:

3. What lives within my carpet?

When looking down at our carpets we are only seeing a tiny fraction of the soil that a carpet contains.

As clean as your carpet may look, up to 85% of the dirt a carpet holds is buried deep within the pile. Built up soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life and without maintenance, destructive and health-harmful mites and bacteria will remain hidden in your home for years.

4. Will all stains come out?

Most marks in the carpet will come out during the cleaning process.

Some of the more difficult dye stains (Tea, coffee, food, blood etc) may require specialist treatment to deal with them.  Once notified about these stains Carpet Hygiene can dramatically improved if not completely remove the stain.

5. Do you assist with moving Furniture?


We would ask if all small items (chairs, small tables, bins etc) can be removed from the area to be cleaned prior to the cleaning but don’t worry if you're unable to lift heavy items/furniture yourself, as we will be happy to assist on arrival.